its all about the CONNECTION

Hi Lovely, I'm Mikayla!

A free-spirited helper by nature; you can find me where the light is.

Who I am

Born and raised in southeast Michigan, I’m a high-spirited empath, always looking for the best in people and every situation. I’m a lover of a Jesus, sunshine, travel, historical architecture and pretty much any outdoor setting.

I’m married to the love of my life, Andrew. And we have a feisty little puppy girl named Reese. In my day to day, you’ll most likely find me hanging out with them, connecting with friends over a meal, or chasing a sunset.

Things I couldn't live without: one of my sweetie’s hugs, music of any kind, sitting by any body of water, spending time in Detroit any change I get.

Where it all began

I remember being eight years old on a family vacation in Maui. We were going to be there for two weeks and my parents bought me two disposable cameras to take photos. Within the first afternoon, I filled up the entire first camera. I was taking pictures of quite literally everything, and wanted to remember our little piece of Hawaii exactly how it was.

My goal was to capture it all, and capture it right. And 18 years later, I still feel like that little girl, eager and excited to document life’s beautiful moments, big or small.

Why I value legacy so much

The part of my story I call “the beauty from my ashes," and is one of the big reasons why I do what I do.

Nothing quite prepares you for losing a parent, especially when you’re freshly 20 years old. When my Mom passed away, photos became my lifeline and only connection to her. Even the lowest quality image made me feel like she was right there next to me again; I could hear her voice, feel her hug, & remember her in the most beautiful way.

Playing a part in preserving your legacy is something I so highly cherish, as I know first hand the value in having tangible memories for you and your loved ones to look back on. 

"Che Bella"

I chose Che Bella to be my company name back in high school, well before I was even a real business, because I loved what it meant. Che Bella in Italian means How beautiful. And that’s what I’ve always strived for, photography that’s not only beautiful, but more importantly, makes you feel beautiful.